Experiencing the gift of traveling now and forever!

The Simple Joys of Traveling

Traveling across this beautiful world in which we live is one of the biggest pleasures on earth, creating invaluable experiences that make us richer and define us better. There are many simple joys which we find in traveling as a whole which we cannot deny. When we think of these moments we can only smile and reminisce. 


The Lead Up

The days leading up to your departure are probably the most exciting and the longest, as all you might be thinking of is that moment of departure.

The Take Off

D-day has finally arrived and you are ready for take-off! You heart must have certainly skipped a few beats.

The First Moments

The first moments of being in a new city or country are certainly a rush – new sights, new smell, new culture!

The First Adventure

Having settled in your accommodation, it’s time to start exploring and to soak up the scenery, to try the food or even to meet new and amazing people.

Reviving the Joys of Traveling 

These are just a few of the many joys of traveling. The majority of us want to experience these joys forever. We do not want the moments to end. We want to re-live or to revive these beautiful moments which are normally true moments of joy for as long as they can. We at The Gift of Traveling provide you with the perfect opportunity to experience the joys of travelling for the rest of your life. 

We provide a portal where you can share and also find mementos of amazing journeys, vacations and destinations. In addition, we offer we offer a wide collection of personalized Christmas ornaments which will help you to revive the memories of beautiful scenes and interesting expeditions. Our travel ornaments are completely customized and are well-reputable for their quality, style and ability to make people smile. They are made of a variety of materials including

  • Wood
  • Resin
  • Clay 
  • Polymer Clay

Types of Travel Ornaments

We offer a large variety of travel ornaments. They are available in differ shapes, types, materials, colors and categories. Some of our most popular travel ornaments fall under the following categories:



Travel and Beach 

Seashore and Ocean


Cruise Ships and Boats

Famous Cities 


Get Your Personalized Ornament 

With Christmas just around the corner, it is time for you to experience the journey of life with our personalized vacation and travel ornaments. You can also choose to allow someone close to you to experience the joys of traveling too by personalizing one of our travel ornaments just for them! That’s right! You can personalize any of our Christmas travel ornaments for yourself, your family or friends to meet specific requirements. You can work with our design or you can feel free to upload your own design. We promise that you will be satisfied with any of the travel ornaments that you purchase from us and if you do not absolutely love them, we promise to take them back.



Here are a few wonderful words of some of the travelers who have stopped at our shop on their journey of life!

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Patrick C. Lopez


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